Kama Sutra: Aromatic Massage Oils

These Aromatic Massage Oils are made by Kama Sutra and are available for purchase online or in-store at Kiss and Make Up. These light, non-greasy formulas have been infused with the pure essential oils of Kama Sutra's exclusive Aromatic Botanicals, artfully blended for an enticing fragrance and uniquely powerful effect on body, mind and spirit. Each is enhanced with rich emollients and skin-nourishing Vitamin E.
(8 ounces)

0015 - Serenity (calming blend to ease stress with marjoram, geranium and lavender)
0016 - Pleasure Garden (induce joy, release inhibitions and arouse the senses with rose, sandalwood and jasmine)
0021 - Sweet Almond (intoxicating spring bouquet of almond)
0022 - Healing Blend (soothing, rejuvenating blend to comfort with juniper, lavender and rosemary)
0023 - Soaring Spirit (uplifting remedy to revive energy with orange, lemon, mint and geranium)

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