"I love Kiss and Makeup. Ruth has gotten me fitted with the best bras I've ever owned personally and she always takes good care of the customers I send her way for my own business. Thanks for being in RVA!"

"Every time I need a new bra I come here! Ruth is fabulous!"

"I recently stopped in kiss and makeup. I had seen their website and knew that they had expanded sizes. I am a plus size and the stores at the mall, vickies, doesn't care my bra size. I was looking for something for valentines day. I wanted to feel special. This store made me feel that way. I was able to get a Bra fitting, found 2 wonderful bras (there were choices for me) and a beautiful corset. I have been in other stores, and had never seen such a selection of corsets. What made me the most happy was they had items for all sizes, they had from the small to the large in everything! In Bras, in corsets, in night wear. I was so happy to see a selection of items. Stop by and get a fitting and feel special!"

"Ruth is without a doubt THE BEST!!!!! Huge variety, incredibly personal customer service & just an amazing woman named Ruth who shows she knows her stuff!!!"

"Ruth is awesome! Her knowledge of intimate apparel is vast and can not be compared to anyone else in the same business. Always polite and helpful. I've never seen anyone else able to guess your bust size at a glance and get it right almost every time!"

"I have been buying bra's from Ms Ruth for 5 years and she has always made me comfortable and I have never left empty handed!!! She has very sexy bras and panties for a great price!! She and her family are great!!!!"

"I had absolutely the best fitting ever with Ms.Ruth. She knew my size just by looking at me, knew which of her bras would look the best and encouraged my husband to give feedback. I wore one of them out the store it was so comfortable. If you've had your bra sizing done anywhere except here, you're probably wearing the wrong size. I will definitely be back!"

"I have been sending my photography clients to Kiss and Makeup for years and today I had the chance to get in and do some shopping for myself. Ruth sized me perfectly and got me set up with the best fitting bra I have ever had. Thank you!"

"I love Ruth, the customer service is the best. She knows her stuff..... and the bras are thee best, I tried only 1 bra on and wore it out the store. A 1 quality, and great price for unbelievable comfort 10 stars...oooohhh by the way I'm a DD but her bras makes me look like a C."

"Amazing service!! Ruth is so friendly and personable. I automatically felt so comfortable in her store. Thank you Ruth!!! You literally just changed my life!"

"This gal is absolutely incredible!!!! I have never had a more amazing bra fit or bra shopping experience! After weeks of frustrating strapless bra shopping I stopped in here and left with PERFECT fitting bras! She intuitively knew my size and needs. I have never in my adult life had a better bra fitting! All the other bra stores had me in the wrong size! I cannot say enough good things about Ruth and her expertise!!!"

"Ruth is just the best! I was "fitted" at another bra boutique as a 40C, and couldn't figure out why my new, expensive bras kept riding up in the back. Turns out I'm a 38DD! From now on, I'm doing all my undies shopping at Kiss & Make Up :)"

"For any lady looking to find just the right size bra, this is the ONLY place to go. Ruth sizes you every visit! There is nothing like having the right bra to make your outfit perfect!"

"2 summers ago I bought a Panache bathing suit that fits like a dream. It has been the best money spent! :-)"

"Ruth is such a big help and gives excellent customer service. She has a wide variety of products and lingerie and is always willing to order something for you if its not in stock. I highly recommend Kiss and Make-Up!!"

"Thank you for the excellent service & the great fitting bras Ruth!!!! So comfortable :) Will be back!"

"I love Kiss & Make Up. Ruth and her team are Awesome!!!"

"I love this place"

"Awesome customer service"