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Get Fitted by the Best Bra Fitter in Richmond, Virginia.

Too many women are wearing the wrong size bra. Most of the women who go bra shopping at Kiss and Make-Up for the first time quickly learn that they have been wearing the wrong bra size for years. And if you ask anyone who has been fitted by Ruth, they will tell you that nobody fits you like Ruth. In fact, 99% of the time, Ruth can accurately predict your band and cup size by taking one look at you, without using a measuring tape.

When you get fitted for a bra at Kiss and Make-Up, you will try on different bra styles and sizes until you find the perfect fit. If you are someone who cannot easily find the perfect bra size due to having an uncommon bust size, you should schedule a time to meet with Ruth.

The average time it takes to properly fit someone for a bra ranges from 15 to 30 minutes.

Please call Kiss and Make-Up at 804-285-0326 to schedule a time to come in and get fitted!

Please read our COVID-19 Updates if you are scheduling a bra fitting.

Would you like to see what others in Richmond say about bra fittings at Kiss and Make-Up?

Ms. Ruth (the owner) is very friendly, kind, patient, caring, and helpful. I knew I was in the hands of an expert when she looked and got my size without measuring me. As a plus size woman, I was so happy to see my sizes in such beautiful colors and designs. I purchased the Goddess Keira!! I was so happy with my bra that I wore it out of the store. I even got compliments that I looked smaller. It’s amazing what a great supported bra can do!”- Shannan C.

“I've been going to kiss and make up for five years now. I have a hard to find and hard to fit size. Not only does she make me feel comfortable and happy during fittings, she is really, REALLY good at what she does. She knows how to fit you for a bra and and carries an incredible range of sizes in gorgeous colors and designs. You will leave there feeling like a million bucks. I've recommended kiss and make up to many friends over the years and they all agree she is the BEST.” – Whitney S.

“I was recommended Kiss and Make Up by a coworker after she hear me complaining about how many bras I had tried on and returned trying to find the right size. I went to Kiss and Make Up as a walk in (although I now see that you can schedule your bra fitting for an appointment). Ruth was absolutely exceptional in every way! She fit me properly, and I found out that the "fitting" that I had from other stores were dramatically wrong. No wonder I was never comfortable before. I felt like I was at a boutique with her running and gathering a variety of bras and swimsuits, and then assessing the fit and comfort with me. I LOVE the new bras that I bought, and feel so much more confident and comfortable when I wear them. The prices are very fair, considering how much attention she gives you while you are in her store to make sure that you leave with the best bras possible.” – Sarah D.

“Wow. I have never had so much fun buying bras! Not only were the fittings spot-on and the bras absolutely gorgeous, but my posture is so much better with the right size. Best bra experience ever! I can't say enough good things about Kiss & Make Up!” - Erica K.

“I am so glad I took the drive to come get fitted! Every single Google review was correct! I knew I was wearing the wrong bra size but I was way off on sizing. My bra was 4 sizes too small. The owner fitted me with the correct bra & I walked out feeling Amazing! Thank you so much!!” - Britney I.

“I began to visit Kiss & Make Up approximately 8 years ago because I was told that they had excellent bras for women with large busts. I was referred by a coworker after Catherine's could no longer accommodate me due to my increase in bra size. My experience was amazing. The salesperson looked at me and before measuring me told me my size. Then she measured me and was 100% accurate.” - Tanya T.

“Everyone woman needs to go see Ruth! She is incredibly knowledgeable with a wide selection of products in a vast range of sizes. I didn't know that I had been wearing the wrong sized bra for years until Ruth helped me. Its exciting to find functional and cute bras that are actually in my size and fit correctly. Thank you, Ruth!!” - Candace L.

“Best bra fitting experience. Was hesitant. Said I’ve been fitted many times before. Glad I decided to do it. What a difference. Thanks Ruth!” - Debbie L.

“My daughter and I went to see Mrs. Ruth today for the first time today and she was just wonderful. She is so good she knew my size just by looking at me and she was right!!I will be going back soon thank you so much Mrs. Ruth.” - Melissa D.

“The owner here is so good she didn't even measure me. Looked at me, knew what size and 30 min later I was on my way home with the most comfy bra I've had in years.” - Courtney H.

Ruth, the owner, can change your life just by looking at you, deciding your bra size, and handing you something new to try on. The prices are reasonable, even for the more well-endowed, and the selection is extensive. I love this store!” - Sara H.

“If I could give the store the stars they deserve it would be 100 of them! I originally met Ruth because of her expertise with fitting bras and was so impressed that I investigated some of her other items. The lingerie, corsets, garters, and costumes are all high quality and Ruth is great in assisting to insure a great fit.” - Cindy C.

Call 804-285-0326 to schedule a time to come in and get fitted by the best bra fitter in Richmond!

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